Aside from my husband, I thought the great loves of my life would be primates and bathroom humor. As it turns out, monkeys and poop pale in comparison to the love for my baby boy and the passion I have for making his world safer & healthier. I'm keeping this blog to document his achievements as he grows and to connect to other parents trying to make their lives a little less toxic. ~ Amber

Things to check out:
  • Want to see some of my favorite non-toxic products? Visit my gift guide HERE.
  • I'm also passionate about the benefits of baby sign language! Read more HERE.

Regarding Advertisements:
I've chosen to promote a select group of businesses because I either love the products they carry or think you will. So visit them! I will continue to give you my honest opinion on non-toxic products and other baby related items. If I have been given a free item to review or any compensation I will always disclose that information. You should also know that I am an affiliate for several programs, including Amazon.com. This means that if you click through a link and purchase an item, I will potentially receive a small percentage of the sale price. I have also signed the Blog with Integrity Pledge.

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